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“Lord of Lightning”

A short TF story by Takara-Kitsune, suggested by Jay

It was late at night, and I had just gotten out of the shower. It had been a long day, and I just wanted to clean up and go to bed.

I was in my towel, and I started to brush my long, light-brown hair, and suddenly there was a bright flash from outside the window, followed by an immense crack sound. Apparently a storm had started when I was showering, but I had not noticed.

I became disoriented and dropped my towel. “What the hell was that?” I thought aloud, realizing then there was rain pouring down outside.

My entire body felt really weird, as though I was full of static electricity. I rubbed my eyes, still feeling disoriented for some reason. I didn’t notice at that time that I began to grow in a thin layer of yellow fur, as my muscle tone and mass changed, becoming more powerful and strong.

I didn’t even feel it as my hands and feet cracked into different shapes, as my legs reshaping to accept a more digitigrade stance. My hands became clawed, long and pointed, and my becoming large and clawed as well, with three large claws instead of normal toes on each.

The tingling in my body continued, but I went back to brushing my hair. I had my eyes closed, so I didn’t notice that with each stroke, my hair became longer and straighter, with a curl on the end… it was even becoming a light purple-gray color! I yawned, and as I did so, two large fangs protruded from my mouth.
It was as that time that my hair had reached down far enough to bump into my… tail? I reached down to smack what I thought was a bug off my leg, but… I as I reached back, I grabbed onto my thin, blue tail. I opened my eyes and saw that I didn’t even look like myself anymore!

I quickly looked into the mirror, noticing the fangs that should have been obvious by just the feeling. At this point my face grew in a thick layer of gray fur, it practically looked like a beard. The fur ended up filling in all the way to the top of my head, where it rolled into cloud-like curls. My nose also started feeling odd. I sneezed from the feeling, and I realized that a blue… it could only really be described as whiskers or maybe a moustache, was starting to extend just below my nose… which itself had started to turn a dark gray, taking over my forehead and temples, and moving to my ears? My ears were on top of my head now!

I could do nothing but stare as the changes kept moving, the tingling almost preventing me from doing anything, not that I could have stopped it anyway. The yellow fur on my body began to gain black, zigzag patterns on it, my arms and legs getting two each, and my sides getting large “w”-shaped patterns on them.

The tingling got very intense on my chest and belly, I could feel that something was changing. I could see in the mirror that a similar light gray fur to my face had started to grow in on my chest, filling in on my belly and groin straight through to my tail. All I could do is think about how crazy this all was, changing like this. At that moment, the tingling intensified on my chest and groin. I could see in the mirror that my breasts had started to flatten out, becoming tighter, growing additional muscle mass. I could tell that wasn’t all I was in for, as the tingling in my groin reached a point that could only be described as euphoric. I knew then that things were DEFINITELY not the same as they had been, and I slowly looked down to see I had a sheath down there.

I looked in the mirror to realize that I didn’t even recognize myself as who I once was, as I blinked, my irises became an intense red. I realized then that I had become a legendary beast of lightning. I had become a male Raikou. The tingling wore off, and I looked over my new body. While I should probably have been scared, I could feel nothing but the power of my new form… and I definitely make a pretty good looking electric tiger man…
Lord of Lightning
This is a silly little Pokemon TF/TG story I wrote up after I was telling a good friend of mine about an actual event, and he said "Make this into a TF story!" jokingly. I made up a very short version at the time, but decided to make something a bit more elaborate and fun to submit.
Jun 30, 2014
:icontakara-kitsune:Takara-Kitsune has changed their username (formerly Jake-Tiger)
So the big announcement this time was Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the first main series Pokemon games on 3DS, and the first games of Generation VI. :3

I had been speculating it was the case, since the anime was so close, even had some arguments with friends about it. (Pokemon is srs bsns, after all.)

Anyway, definitely excited, and really excited about the new Fire-type starter, Fennekin. <3

And... was hoping for, but surprised to hear they announced it as a simultaneous worldwide release! I don't have to import this time, not that I could with the 3DS region lock. Still, this is fantastic news, and I'm looking forward to what these games will bring to the table this time. :3

Anyway, here's the trailer:…

Also, too bad on the no Hoenn remakes, but they'd be pretty awesome in the X/Y style, wouldn't they?
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